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This set of ‘terms and conditions’ apply solely to Abrey Piano Relocation.  The aim is to give you, the client, a greater understanding of the relocation, and to maybe answer some of the questions that may arise.  This is the agreement between the paying client “The Customer” and Abrey Piano Relocation.


  1. OUR QUOTATION.  This quotation price is valid for a period of three months only, after which period review may be necessary.  The price is calculated directly on information given by The Customer at the time of quotation either in writing or verbally.  The Customer will meet any addition in costs outside the control of Abrey Piano Relocation.  Any increase in goods to be transported may be liable to an increase in charges.  Additional work undertaken may be charged to The Customer if collection or delivery of goods is above the first floor, and is not served by a suitable goods lift, the stairs, lifts or any entrance is not suitable for the clear passage of goods, including any approach roads or entrance.  The price is for weekday rates, not weekends or holidays.  Security of dates can only be guaranteed once confirmation of booking has been received by Abrey Piano Relocation.  Telephone bookings are not acceptable.


  1. EXCLUSIONS FROM THE QUOTATION.  The removal of any items stored in lofts (unless priced for in advance).  Dismantling or assembly of any composite furniture.  Disconnection and reconnection of appliances. Abrey Piano Relocation shall not be responsible for the relaying of any floor coverings or reinstallation of fittings of any kind.


  1. YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.  To adequately prepare any electrical equipment and appliances.  To be present during the move unless otherwise previously agreed.  To store the packing cartons in a dry environment until returned to us.  To ensure all items from the loft are brought down to a suitable area for collection.  To ensure the level of insurance is adequate for the value of the goods being transported. It is the responsibility of The Customer to ensure that appropriate measurements are taken in advance of any work to ensure that removal/delivery is possible. While Abrey Piano Relocation will make every effort to safely move your item, in the event of an item not being able to be delivered/removed due to failure of The Customer to take measurements ensuring that the item will fit within the access required, payment will need to be made. 


  1. GOODS EXEMPTIONS.  No toxic, flammable or explosive liquid/material, of any kind can be transported.  Live animals, paint, firearms and their cartridges cannot be transported.


  1. POSTPONEMENT OR CANCELLATION CHARGES.  Cancellation charges are as follows:-


  • Over 7 days inclusive notice 50% quoted price. 
  • Between 3 to 6 days inclusive notice 75% quoted price. 
  • 2 days inclusive notice 100% quoted price.


  1. PAYMENT TERMS.   Full payment is due 10 days before the date of your removal.
  2. INSURANCE.  Cover is provided up to a maximum of £25,000 per vehicle, to protect your personal belongings against loss or damage for the duration of the relocation.  Claims shall only be made for the value per incident over £50.  At additional cost to the customer, the limit of insurance can be raised to meet specific requirements, the value of insurance must cover the value of the items in transit. Abrey Piano Relocation staff are not permitted to enter into discussions regarding the insurance claim for alleged damages or loss.  Any claim on insurance must be made in writing within three days of the move, this information may be passed to all relevant parties including the authorities.  Responsibility can not be taken for damage caused by liquid leaking from containers or appliances that would normally hold water or liquids. Abrey Piano Relocation will not accept responsibility for furniture not in condition to be moved due to its poor condition. Abrey Piano Relocation shall not be liable for items damaged due to snow, rain, ice or wind or sudden weather change whilst loading or unloading.  Faults on electrical items due to its poor condition or age and items in packing cartons not packed by Abrey Piano Relocation are not insured during the move.  Therefore The Customer is advised to check their household insurance policy, as the policy should in fact cover this sort of risk.  Any claim that is set against Abrey Piano Relocation shall be considered on face value or repair cost basis and not new for old.


  1. TRANSIT OF GOODS.  It is at the discretion of the driver to choose the route to be taken for the contract.  Every effort is made to complete the contract in good time but Abrey Piano Relocation shall not be held liable for any delays howsoever caused.  For any unexpected delay in gaining access into the new property (after 2pm in the afternoon) Abrey Piano Relocation reserve the right to add a charge based on the hourly rate for the specific contract.  Whereas every care is taken on the day of the relocation, The Customer shall be responsible for any damage that may be caused to, driveways, paths and any overhanging materials.


The above conditions shall apply to all works and form a contract between The Customer and Abrey Piano Relocation unless otherwise agreed prior to the removal date.  By confirming that you would like to book work with Abrey Piano Relocation, you are agreeing to this contract.

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