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Moving your business

Moving your business is a big step and at Abrey Removals we know how important it is to not only move your business efficiently, but to also keep disruption to your staff and customers to an absolute minimum. We have extensive experience in commercial relocations and can guide you through your relocation every step of the way. If you should need to do so, you can hire crate equipment from us.


A professional packing service can save you both time and stress.


As part of our range of services, we conduct full, part or fragile packing to ensure that all of your belongings are moved with the utmost safety and protection. We can even loan you packing boxes for free.


Find out how we can help you by calling us or use our quotation form.


What you can expect

1. Contact Abrey Removals to arrange your quotation.

2. Abrey Removals will provide you with a comprehensive quotation for all of your items to be moved and any additional services that you might require - such as our professional packing service.

3. We will discuss any specific handling requirements that you have to ensure that the right equipment is on hand for your move. If you should decide to employ our professional packing service, we may begin packing a few days before the moving day - depending on the size and distance of your move and your requirements.

4. A moving date can be provisionally booked, and will need to be confirmed as soon as you know the date.

5. On the confirmed date and time, your Abrey Removal van will arrive, and the team leader will introduce themselves and the team and talk you through the move.

6. Your items will be inspected, and photos taken of the condition prior to any work commencing where required.

7. Everything will be loaded onto the back of the van and secured.

8. Your premises will be checked through before our team take the items to your new premises.

9. When you arrive at your new premises everything will be unloaded and placed in the designated rooms.

10. You will be provided with the opportunity to give feedback to ensure ongoing high quality customer service.

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Whatever your removal or piano requirements, Abrey Removals are here to help you every step of the way.

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